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Design Package


Transform text, data, and other materials into impactful visual marketing content that you can use to share your work and grow your audience.


What's included

You provide the basic concept and any information you'd like to reference, and I'll help you craft it into an impactful design for your target audience.


Planning Guide

Makes the process "onboarding" a designer with your message (+ any references) super easy. Identify the content that would be helpful to share, and ensure that I'm clear about your brand, audience, content goals, and design preferences.

Planning session

Let's make sure the design supports your business goals. We'll check that your message is being communicated accurately, and I'll make recommendations about the content type, style, and information layout that I think would work best for your audience.

Visual content

Visual marketing that highlights your work and makes your message clearer. Choose from:

  • Infographic
  • Illustrations
  • Ebook / PDF design
  • Presentation design
  • Branding

This is FOR YOU IF....

You have a badass message to share, but it's not getting seen. Probably because of the format it's currently in. I want to help you get that information out into the world.

You're results oriented. I'm a designer, but I'm also an engineer at heart. We'll get along great if, in addition to pretty graphics, you're looking to solve a marketing or communications problem.

You're doing cool shit. Especially if you're a maker, tech startup, creative, or social entrepreneur. (And aren't bothered that I just said "cool shit.") 

Design Package

Content Planning Guide

30 minute Strategy Session

Visual Content design
infographic, illustration, presentation, ebook, or branding
(deliverables described below)

1 WEEK / $447

Project Examples


My design process



I'm not sure what message or information I want to share. Can you help? While this Design service helps you craft your message, the main idea & materials are provided by you. But I can definitely help with content concepts and research, too! Check out the Strategy package.

I'm looking for ongoing work or a full-time hire. Do you do that? While I love working for myself, I'm more than happy to help with multiple projects. Just let me know if you'd like to discuss the possibility of a retainer rate.

I need more or less than the number of [slides / pages / illustrations] included. Can you do that? No worries! Just let me know in your message, and usually I'm able to adjust accordingly.

Let's chat

Just send me a note below to set up our initial chat!