Digital Strategy 3

How does this help?

Digital strategy is about looking at your business wholistically and using design and technology together to make running your business easier and more impactful.

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systems strategy

By looking at how you communicate with your audience, how you offer your services, and how you work internally as a system – your marketing, your brand personality, your processes, and your offerings – all begin working together to support one another.

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Design isn't just pretty graphics. We'll skip the fluffy words, but design can help attract the right audience, keep them engaged and coming back, create recognition for your business, and help guide users to the solution that best fits their problem. 

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digital marketing

By using digital tools, you're helping more people find your product in the first place, you’re helping users interact with your business in new ways that build relationships, and you’re helping your business function more efficiently.


After we meet to chat about your goals – maybe that means figuring out what they are! – I'll create a strategy, design materials, and/or implement marketing tactics (depending on the goal) to help you get there.