Hey, I'm Kat

A technical-creative nomad


Hey! I'm Kat

I use pens, pixels, and planning to make impactful communications, whether that's a user experience or a poster.

When not designing, I'm dancing to glitch and grunge, geeking out at game night, or introverting hard with a book, cat cuddles, and a strong cup of tea.


in my element

Tea, cats, travel, and tech.

a little about me

  1. I love making lists. (Heyyy! See what I did there?)
  2. Part of the reason I decided to go solo is because I love me some naps. No joke. I'm a morning person and a night owl. But that afternoon slump hits me hard.
  3. My favorite drink is a mix of assam tea + lapsang suchong. Try it. It's like drinking a happy campfire.
  4. Big dork, tiny body: I'm only 5'2." 
  5. I'm currently based out of South Carolina, but travel about 2-4 months a year, working as I explore new places (a.k.a. "digital nomad").
  6. Harry Potter fangirl: I've refused to even see the trailers for the films because I don't want them to ruin my idea of the characters.
  7. I think bikes and motorcycles are way more fun than cars. It's all about that zippy "whoosh" feeling, am I right?
  8. Istanbul is my happy place. I love the architecture, ceramic art, super-strong tea, and rock music. And the juxtaposition of Roman with Ottoman, ancient with modern. 
  9. I have always believed that logic and creativity aren't contradictory, but complementary. Leonardo DaVinci has been a role model since I was a kid: loved that blend of artist and scientist. (My cat Leo is named after him!)
  10. I nerd out on psychology related to technology use, life-hacking, and modern culture. Myers-Briggs geek? I'm ENTP-ish. (Hardcore N/P, but split on the other two.)
  11. I have a serious pen and notebook addiction.
  12. I excel at stereotypically old-lady activities: knitting, reading books, watering plants, being a cat-lady.

Sound like we'd get along?

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